Pat Dillane Events  

I am in the process of 

re-structuring my activities hence this new temporary web site. 

We are continuing all of our usual services and are looking forward to meeting & working with you in  the near future.

Phone Pat 087 228 2490


  CEREMONIAL  SERVICES             RETREATS             THERAPIES              HOUSE  &  LAND CLEARING                WORKSHOPS                                                              

Ceremonial Services

Traditional Weddings. Name giving ceremonies. Ceremonies for all occasions, anniversaries, engagement, loss of a loved one, and many more.


Retreats are for the individual.  You may wish to come for a simple break, to take time out of a busy confusing life. Perhaps you want help and room to work out a health, relationship, financial or spiritual development issue.   Phone Pat on 087 228 2490


 Stress & Anxiety relief:      Past Life Regression;       NLP  offering practical solutions for life's challenges;     Shamanic Healing:              

Crystal Healing:     Reiki:      Meditation Training (simple & joyful):     Guided Relaxation:     

There is just so much we can do for your journey to wellness & happiness here,      Phone Pat on 087 228 2490

House Home & Land Clearing

We will be delighted to come along to your Home, Land or other locations to restore wellness & balance. Geopathic Stress, 

Ley lines, so called 'bad luck', unexplained poor physical or mental health, disturbing sound or movement activities, children having unexplained fear, animals behaving in an unusual way are just some of the reasons that we get called to help with.


Various styles and themes of workshops are held through out the year.  Themes include:

Meditation & Mindfulness:         Happiness & Healing:         Yoga for the total novice:          Yoga for those with some experience:

Crystals for personal use:                                      Reiki Training;                                           Shamanic  workshops: 

Phone Pat 087 228 2490