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We are operating Healing Tree Retreats  as an Ashram style center. 

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Guests need not feel obliged to participate in any of the Yoga or contemplative activities. 

The usual style retreats of one on one or two friends together  is continuing.                                                                                           

                                        Phone Pat 087 228 2490                                                                  Phone Sarah 086 040 0480

                                                        Wonderful therapies & retreats for you.

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Yoga Group & Personal Retreats

Yoga Retreats: Are for the individual or groups of not more than four.  Individually you may wish to come for a simple break, to take time out of a busy or confusing life with the support of two gentle Yoga teachers. We will support and encourage your Yoga journey even if you have no experience at all. This is the perfect place to begin or to develop your personal Yoga practice. We focus on all five points of Yoga as taught in the Sivananda Vedanta centres throughout the world. 

               Proper Exercise:    Proper Breath:    Proper Relaxation:    Proper Diet:    Proper Thinking and Meditation.

Personal Retreats: Perhaps you want help and room to work out a health, relationship, financial or spiritual development issue.  These retreats are based on people alone or with a friend joining us here to participate in our daily routine. The life style has as its basis a primarily Yogic lifestyle with generous Shamanic influences. If you have no interest in Yoga that is fine, we have many skills and disciplines to help you on your journey to happiness. No matter what has brought you here, you can be sure we will find a way to care for you and to help you. People come to process many events such as serious illness, personal trauma, spiritual development, weight management, really for all sorts of reasons. There is one common purpose however, everyone who comes is looking peace and happiness.

Ceremonial Services

Creating Wedding & Name Giving ceremonies for you is one of the activities that gives us both great joy. Just contact us to chat about how you Sarah & I can bring your special event to life.  Whatever the occasion we will create and conduct a magical, loving and respectful ceremony for and with you. There will however be lovely dollops of humour and fun too.


 Stress & Anxiety relief:      Past Life Regression;       NLP  offering practical solutions for life's challenges;     Shamanic Healing:              

Crystal Healing:     Reiki:      Meditation & Mindfulness Training (kind & joyful):     Guided Relaxation:     Gentle Yoga

There is just so much we can do for your journey to wellness & happiness, come along and change your life.

House Home & Land Clearing

We will be delighted to come along to your Home, Land or other locations to restore wellness & balance. Geopathic Stress, 

Ley lines, so called 'bad luck', unexplained poor physical or mental health, disturbing sound or movement activities, children having unexplained fear, animals behaving in an unusual way are just some of the reasons that we get called to help with.


Various styles and themes of workshops are held throughout the year.  Themes include:

Meditation & Mindfulness:         Happiness & Healing:         Yoga for the total novice:          Yoga for those with some experience:

Crystals for personal use:                 Group Yoga Retreats                     Reiki Training;                                    Shamanic  workshops: 

We are open all year long, so call anytime to book  with us

Phone Pat 087 228 2490